Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Island People Mas - Trinidad Carnival

I just returned from a two month trip to Trinidad by way of New Orleans (shooting for Newsweek) and Tennessee(shooting the new Gray Fossil Museum). I was in Trinidad preparing our Carnival band Island People Mas for our 2008 presentation which is called Animal Instincts. Not sure if you new I am part owner/creator of a Carnival band in Trinidad. We create the costumes that people wear throughout the two day "parade", as well create the theme and provide the music trucks and free drinks for two days. I shot a New calendar of our new Carnival Costumes and we have already sold out of most of the costumes in the band. But you should take a look at our site.

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL OF YOU TO COME "PLAY MAS" IN TRINIDAD'S CARNIVAL WITH ISLAND PEOPLE MAS IN 2008. It will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life!


MS Bike Tour

Last year I joined the Aardvarks bike team and rode my bicycle 30 miles in the MS Bike tour to help us raise over $5000!!! I want to invite YOU to join our team and ride with us this year on October 14th. Or if you'd rather just donate money that's great too! The ride is so beautiful because they close off the West Side Highway and the FDR and you do a whole loop around Manhattan. It's soooo beautiful and it's for a good cause.

click the link below to join the team or to donate $$$


Barack Obama - wow!!!

So as you all probably know, I've never been too interested in Politics. Yes i vote when needed but that's about it. But last night i had the opportunity to attend "Barack on Braodway". an event hosted by many talented Broadway performers. The performances were great! but best of all was seeing and hearing Barack speak in person. I have to say, I was REALLY REALLY inspired and moved. This guy is amazing. and although i was already going to vote for him, now i really think it's important that you all do as well. Or at least go see him speak in person and listen, really listen, to him. It was amazing!!! seriously.

So he will be having a rally in Washington Sq Park this Thursday in NYC. for more info click this link. A few of us are already going so if you want to come, let me know.