Thursday, March 09, 2006

Carnival Stories - Tuesday

carnival is jammed packed for me, in the night we party until at least 6am sometimes 11am and then I have to go to work in the mas camp to help distribute costumes or oversee what is going on and make sure the masquearders (our customers) are happy. I wish I could be more involved in the production of our carnival band actually. Tuesday I went to the distribution center for our costumes & all was running smoothly which was great to see.

So anyway, it is hard to remember everything that happens because it it is so hectic & I get so little sleep. I'm always amazed that I can go for so many hours without sleep. I really do believe it is Soca music that makes it possible. it just gets you hyped up!

the first night I didn't go out because I was so tired from NYC & India. The second night I think I went to Eyes wide shut party but real late around 3am with Marlon (my business partner and best friend there, he is like the mayor - he know everyone under the sun in TNT) often times we go very late to the fetes (parties) cause we are working. it was raining that night so weren't to enthused about going to the outdoor fetes but Joy & Dominique called us and said they were going so we put on our black clothes (mandatory for that party) & we went. Of course we wntered through the artist entrance & did not pay. Marlon has every hook up & cause i'm his boy, we never pay for anything, it's great ( fetes cost between $20-100 US each!) we missed most of the party but it was good to see old friends like toure & alphi. When it ended at 4am we decided to go down to the Glow fete, 20 minute drive at least. we switched into out white outfits (mandatory again) which we had ready in the car & got to the fete for the last song, we had fun with it though. that was about it for the Tuesday nite. got home around 6am I guess & slept till 9am.

Carnival Day 1

This year I didn't even feel like going to carnival. I think it was because I was in india for a while and felt like I had a lot to do in NYC. But as soon as I got on the plane and saw two flight attendants I knew, I was smiling & happy that I was returning "home" (as Trinis say). My 2 flight attendant friends got me drunk on the plane which made it much more fun. When I landed Rowdy wasn't there yet to pick me up so I went by the bar at the airport to get a Stag (beer). the weather was perfect and of course someone knew me and I started limin' (hanging out) with her & her crew. They all assumed I was a first time tourist to TNT, it's funny that I actually am part owner/producer of the carnival band they were plating mas in. Who would have thought 9 years ago when I first played mas that I'd be shaping the face of it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Back from Carnival

Just got back last night and passed out at 7pm till 8am this morning. i hadn't slept for more than 3 hours the entire time in Trinidad and went for 2-3 days without sleeping at all. But the trip was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Here is a photo compilation from our carnival band island people mas 2006. I'll write more soon and add more photos as well.