Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haiti Book Project Fundraiser

I would like to introduce you to my Book Project for Haiti.  Please view the photos, films, and read my intentions at

The living situation in Haiti is very saddening to me.  For over 12 years, the Caribbean has been a second home to me as well as the setting and inspiration for much of my photographs.

Three months ago, I had the honor of visiting Haiti as a volunteer and Hey You!. During this intense visit, we delivered water, taught art to orphans, and photographed within the makeshift tent communities in which millions of good Haitian people have been forced to live since the devastating earthquake of January 12th.

In these makeshift communities, families live without running water, food, bathrooms, and are lucky if they have a real tent for shelter. 

My photographs of these beautiful, hopeful, resilient people, will be published this October in a new book by renowned German publisher Kehrer Verlag. Only 2000 copies of this limited edition book will be printed and distributed in Europe and the USA. This book will pay tribute to the strength, dignity, and hope that the forgotten Haitian people continue to exude throughout this tragic situation.

100% of the sales from this book will be donated to The and HealingHaiti.orgwhich delivers water daily to people in Haiti who live without running water, as well as builds homes and orphanages. To design, publish and distribute 2000 books this Fall, in both the USA and Europe, $30,000US is required by June  30th.  The book sales can raise up to $60,000!!!