Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Been A While!!! HAHA

Wow it's been a while since I have posted anything here. That means I've been REALLY busy and on the road a lot! I haven't lived in NYC since December '07 and I haven't really missed it at all, except for my good friends.

I've been in Trinidad filming a TV show called Synergy Super Model. It's like America's Top Model and I'm the Nigel Barker of our show. I shoot every photo shoot and am one of the 4 judges. It's soooo much fun actually, even though models are real novices. If you search for Synergy Super Model season 3 on facebook you can watch the episodes.

We're even discussing a spin off show for photographers like Top photographer or something.

I also just recently returned from the traveling in Japan, Cambodia, and Vietnam for the Miss Universe Pageant that my girl Anya took part in. If you didn't watch it, she got robbed and wasn't placed into the top 15. But Anya loved the experience and was loved by all who met her.

We spent 2 weeks traveling Vietnam and Cambodia after the Pageant and EVERYWHERE we went she was treated like royalty and had to sign autographs and get photos taken with people. it was amazing! We got the royal treatment from most 4-5 star hotels. A special thanks to the Victoria's Resorts, Sofitel Metropole, Mercedes Benz Vietnam, The Caravelle Saigon!!!! they took such good care of us and we had a great time!!! I'm talking executive suites for free and 24 hour butler service etc!!! I LOVED IT!

We went to Northern Vietnam to the highest mountain and rented a motorcyle and drove for 3 days in pouring rain over 3100 meter high mountains, through the clouds, over rivers, on the edge of cliffs. It was exciting, and scary! what an adventure. Stay tuned for videos of that experience including the time that we popped a wheely by accident and flew off the back of the bike while Anya was filming. I had to repair the bike with a big rock!!! We were in the middle of nowhere without even a map!! It was great!!!! By the way, I had never ridden a motorcycle before! wow....

Angkor Wat was unreal too!!! damn! go there!!!!

So... I know i go to Vegas in September and maybe Santa Fe and LA after that. But then after September i have NO CLUE what I'm doing in life!!! crazy huh? I know that I have so many new photos to edit from 3 months of shooting in Asia. Wait till you see where I've ended up, in random people's Thatch homes, tops of Mountains hidden by clouds, thousand year old temples, and more.....

Stay tuned....