Friday, February 29, 2008

Pangea Day!!

This looks really cool! I want to get involved!!! Do you?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Featured on Nina Corvallo's Blog :)

Check it out!

Wyatt Gallery is an immensely talented photographer and I in particular love the work he has done in the Caribbean. Wyatt also went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts and after graduation won a Daniel Rosenberg Award that he used to travel the Caribbean and which resulted in a collection of images titled: "Spiritual Sites, A Caribbean Portrait".
During his journey in the Caribbean he spent most of his time in Trinidad & Tobacco which now has become a second or may I say spiritual home for Wyatt. The work resulting from the Rosenberg award let to a Fulbright scholarship which in turn let to another beautiful body of work titled: "Trinidad, Between Sacred and Secular".
Wyatt's photography is always marked by excellent composition, a great appreciation for light & color and a sensitive timeless observation of his surrounding. For me his work is at its best when he celebrates the beauty of what another might overlook as mundane.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anya Wins Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe!!!!

I'm happy to announce that my girlfriend Anya just won the Miss Trinidad & Tobago Pageant and will compete for Miss Universe in Vietnam in July 2008. She had never considered doing a beauty pageant before, but after some dramatic changes in her life she felt it was time to take a leap of faith and try new experiences. So at the last minute she just decided to go for it, and she won!!!!!

Congratulations to her!!

PS: Yes, you can call me Mr. Trinidad & Tobago! :) hahaha

Friday, February 22, 2008

Santa Fe

I'm in Galisteo, New Mexico for a little while. Taking some time away from NYC. Galisteo is a small artist community 25 minutes outside of Santa Fe. It is sooooo beautiful out here! You can see for miles and miles over open plains with small mountains popping up here and there. At night there are more stars than sky! It snowed yesterday which was also beautiful. Everything's beautiful......

i hope to get some organizational work done while i'm here. i need to make a list of what i need to do. Trying to make this into my own residency program, know what i mean? i have so many photos and projects that i haven't put on my site and i need to get them out there. today i'm going to make a list of what i need to do. Which will include exercise and meditation. i gotta get back on track.

i'm not going to FotoFest this year, applied too late and didn't get a slot. but i think it's for the better. i don't want to just show work for the sake of trying to show something if i don't have anything i'm really excited about. do i have to always have new work that i'm in to? do i hav eto attend every photo review seminar and continuously "hob-nob" with the people that have the power to get my work out there? don't get me wrong, Fotofest has helped me A LOT and i LOVE it and i love that i have made good friendships with other photographers and gallery owners and curators etc. but i'm just kinda anti-social right now i guess. not feeling too into my photography right now. although the photos i've been taking of Anya i think are really interesting and i want to continue that as soon as i return to Trinidad.

Well that takes me to my next thought these days. Should i move to Trinidad??? Anya, my girlfriend is from there and she moved back there and has been asked go up for the Miss TNT Universe. As well she has a great job with the Above group which is the leading design firm of the Caribbean. They have asked me to join them part time if i move back to Trinidad so that helps a lot and makes it somewhat feasible for me to do so. Of course i wouldn't be making US $$$ but maybe i'd be happier overall and maybe that is more valuable. I feel like i lost track of my #1 goal back in 2001 when i lost a lot of money in the Stock market. Since then i've just been scrambling to make $ with no long term goal and stopped focusing on what I REALLY WANT TO DO. I think i have tried hard to stick to my guns and to 'my art', 'my projects', but it is tough. It is not always easy to make enough $ off of them so you need to do commercial work too. I have tried to keep a balance but i think commercial work has taken over. I enjoy much of the commercial work actually and don't see it as "a job" but it is annoying to constantly be "looking for work".

so? who knows...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Brother's Amazing Film: Graduation Day

You might have seen my little brother Andrew Gallery on CNN and many other news stations, as well as when he released the teaser to this moving film entitled Graduation Day. It is a PSA film against drinking and driving. It is really startling and effective, I strongly recommend that you check out the trailer.

Converse Job - I'm With Basketball: New Orleans

From Christmas to New Year's Eve, I went to New Orleans along with writer Will Steacy and filmmaker Andrew Gallery (my brother) to document the love for basketball on assignment for Converse. It was a challenging yet highly enjoyable job which lead to this booklet, which was given out at the 2008 NBA All-Star game in New Orleans.

In fact, this was the perfect job. To be able to earn a living photographing the type of assignment that really moves you, motivates you, and makes you feel alive, is a dream come true. Big thanks to Elizabeth Bruneau, and Stan & the whole Anomaly NYC team.

(Click the photo to see a larger version)

Trinidad carnival 2008

Hey Everyone!

I just returned from my 11th year in a row celebrating Carnival in Trinidad. I think that is seriously the most consistent thing in my life! wow...

Here are some pics from the Fetes and the Carnival. I will post some more "professional" pics from Carnival soon.